Super Duper Drain Cleaning

by | Aug 27, 2020

Premium Drain Cleaning Service

If you have a tough drain cleaning problem, Total Comfort Plumbing has a premium Hot and Cold Water Jetting machine to compliment our line of plumbing services.

Our Hot Jet III that’s powered by HotJetUSA in conjunction with before and after video views of your drain system provide  a complete and accurate assessment of your residential or commercial drainage system.

Cold water jetting does an excellent job of flushing lines and can move debris well but sometimes cold water can’t remove the grease build up. Hot water scours and breaks down the grease in pipes and combined with a patented degreasing agent, removes more grease buildup and blockages.

The equipment used in commercial and residential lines is very important. Total Comfort feels it uses the best equipment with specially engineered nozzles designed to scour the inside of pipes providing a cost-effective way of cleaning your pipes faster and with less mess.

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