Electrical Panel Replacement

Most homes were constructed decades ago, which means they may not be equipped to handle modern electricity demands. Older homes sometimes possess less-than-half of the electrical service capacity of modern homes, which means they aren’t designed to handle the computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment that most of us own today.

Electrical panels are put in place to protect your home from power surges, overcurrent, and short circuits. When issues such as these happen, panels can overheat and possibly start fires. This can occur even if they appear to be working properly.

Nothing lasts forever, and electricians and home inspectors have found that as many as 60% of one brand of panels, Federal Pacific, fail. In fact, if your home is equipped with one of these out-of-date panels, some insurance companies may deny coverage if there’s an electrical fire or other related accident.

Something as simple as having too many electrical devices plugged into one room is all it takes to make a breaker pop, sizzle, and then burn out. If the electricity demand exceeds what the circuit provides, this could lead to wires burning up and the circuit board severely overheating.

Ideally, when a circuit is overloaded, the breaker would trip and cut off power. However, due to aging and wear, some older panels may fail to trip and instead overload themselves with excess electrical current. Simply put, older panels were never designed with today’s electricity demands in mind.

Your home is at higher risk for fires and other incidents that could severely damage your electrical systems without a properly functioning panel. Even if your panel’s old circuit breaker clicks off the way it should, your home is at a serious disadvantage when it comes to its electrical capacity. Sometimes old breakers may shut off just from normal usage.

Without a properly working panel, your home’s electronics may not function.

Your panel is the central hub for all of your home’s electricity, and without it your home will not have any power. Even if your panel isn’t putting your home at risk for damage, you should have one that works properly.

The best way to make sure your panel is safe and functioning properly is to have a professional electrician check it out.

Total Comfort recommends that you have your home’s electrical system inspected annually, at which time an electrician will examine your panel for any potential flaws and/or age-related concerns.

If it does turn out that your electrical panel is out-of-date or dangerous, you should replace it immediately. For every day you continue to use a panel that isn’t equipped to handle modern electricity demands, you’re putting your entire home at increased risk for serious damage.

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