Fill Your 20# Propane Tanks with Us

by | Aug 25, 2020

Exchanging Propane Tanks Can Be Expensive

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, when you exchange your 20# Propane Cylinder at an exchange cage, you only get 15# of propane. When you come to our fill station you get 20# of propane. In addition, our price is usually less than that of an exchange cylinder.

For safety reasons, an exchange cylinder can only contain 15# because it is subject to heat that can cause expansion.

In the example below a 15# cylinder costs $23.42 which is $1.56 per pound. A 20# cylinder would be $31.22 per cylinder. Total Comfort’s current price is $14.00 for a 20# cylinder.

I know where I’d fill my cylinders.

Propane Exchange Cylinders