Coastal Corrosion and Corrosion Grenades

by | Aug 18, 2020

The coastal areas of Flagler and Volusia Counties are in one of the worst zones in the world for coastal corrosion due to heavy concentrations of salt in the air.

Total Comfort has tried several things to help slow this corrosion. Lately, we have been installing “Corrosion Grenades” on systems. This is basically a sacrificial anode that causes corrosion to attack it before it attacks the metal objects that we are trying to protect. We have found that it definitely slows corrosion but won’t stop it completely.

Outdoor air conditioning units are often put in places that get over-spray or direct spray from sprinkler systems. High concentrations of minerals in well water and “gray” water, accelerate corrosion of metal objects .

We have tried several types of coatings on both the coils of air conditioning systems and the cabinets themselves and obtained varying degrees of success in slowing the process.

One of the best things you can do is regularly rinse your outside air conditioning unit with clean water to rinse off the salt and other minerals. This is also suggested for your vehicle or any other metallic object kept outside that you want to preserve. Once rinsed off, applying a protective polish will help.

Corroded Condensing Unit

If you can’t do things yourself, we recommend getting periodic maintenance on your air conditioning system. Total Comfort’s Energy Savings Agreement provides two maintenance calls annually that will help.

In summary, the coastal areas of Florida are great to live in but tough on anything metal that has to stay outside. Here is a link to a longer article describing corrosion and what you may be able to do to help slow it down.